Photo Gallery

This year we celebrated our 34th year at the Russell Show. The lady in the background is my wonderful sister,Marit,who comes every year to show her support.

This year’s winner of the FREE PAINTING was Mary Beth Ewen from Great Falls.She said she has never won anything, so she was really happy!!!!

This year I put together a display of pictures of me growing up,which people really enjoyed.I’ll share some of those with you throughout.

My good friend and owner of the world famous TRIPLE CREEK RANCH,Craig Barrett, got a painting of sandhill cranes this year.

Alice Myron got a nice mountain goat painting to add to her collection.

Chris Warden, from Missoula bought a great Glacier Park painting.He was a first time buyer.

My old college roommate,from Idaho Falls got a nice elk painting to add to his ever-growing collection.

My first birthday!!!

My wonderful niece, Krista bought a great little bird painting.Thanks Krista!!

One of my most loyal patrons,Barb Byrne, got a great loon painting this year.Thanks for the support!!!

I’ve always loved Horses.

My terrific niece,Kari, who always helps me out in my room every year, got two great paintings that she is giving to her two sons, Clint and Jake.

Ginny Rogliano,from Great Falls, got a nice western piece.this was her first purchase from me.Thanks Ginny!!!

My first COWBOY outfit.

My Sister, Marit, bought a great little painting for her “Norwegian Room”

My brother in law, Jerry Selvig, bought my sister,Sissel, a beautiful painting for her 80th birthday.She looks GREAT for 80!!!!!!

Just me and my sidekick.

Montana’s Lieutenant Governor ,Kristen Juras,stopped by for a visit.She loves ART..

My great friend,Lars Hallingstad and his charming wife,Andi,came and spent a couple days at the show.It was fun to see them again.

Our SCARY Norwegian Santa Claus didn’t seem to deter me from getting my presents.

 I’m a SUCKER for a cute little girl!!!

My three brothers and I at Christmas.I’m the youngest one.We had a great childhood!!!

My Niece,Kari, and I with my first horse “SNOOPER”

 Me in Norway, when I was 5 years old.

Showing sheep at the county fair

High school days.I was very active in 4-H and FFA.

 A couple of my nieces and I all dressed up at the centennial celebration in my home town of Big Timber.

If you would like to purchase any art from the website