Photo Gallery

This year we celebrated our 35th year at the Russell Show. The lady in the background is my wonderful sister,Marit,who comes every year to show her support.

This year’s winner of the FREE PAINTING was Nancy Stephens from Great Falls.She also bought one of my favorite paintings in the show..Thanks a bunch,Nancy!!!

Mike Smith and Maurene Samuelson,from Robertson, Wy. got 2 great paintings of dancing Sandhill Cranes.

To celebrate our 35th anniversary,we gave our most valued patrons a special lapel pin.I think they really appreciated that.

Montana’s Lieutenant Governor,Christin Juras, stopped by for a visit.She’s a real ART Enthusiast!!!!

I had in the room some news clippings and photo of me doing my very first QUICK DRAW 35 years ago.I was a nervous wreck,because back then we only had 30 minutes to complete a piece from scratch!!!!!!!!

My old college roommate, Ron Ramer,from Idaho Falls ,Id. got 2 nice wildlife paintings to add to his ever-growing collection.He has been such a great supporter….Thanks Ron!!

Molly Person,who will be turning 99 in May,got a great Meadowlark painting this year.She said she is going FISHING for her 99th Birthday!!AMAZING WOMAN !!!!

Chris Warden and his lovely wife, from Missoula,picked up a beautiful Glacier Park painting.

Fellow artist,Marcia Ballowe,got a nice little painting this year.It always makes me feel honored when when another artist buys my work.

I’ve always loved Horses.

Kent Pike,from Chinook, picked up a sweet little painting of a Cedar Waxwing bird.I always attend his branding every April.Lots of fun and GREAT FOOD.

Ginny Rogliano,from Great Falls, got a nice landscape painting from the Flathead River area.Thanks Ginny

My first COWBOY outfit.I was only a couple years old.

Kevin Corbett and Merrily Sprague got a St.Mary’s Lake painting.They are from Whitefish Mt.Thanks so much.

Sandy Solberg,from Billings bought this beautiful,patriotic,painting for her husband,Dave.Hope you enjoy it!!!

My wonderful Niece,Kari,and I with my first horse,SNOOPER.

Bill and Patty Law,from Beaverton, Oregon bought a great little Glacier Park piece with lots of Bear grass in it.

Dave and Amber Maclay-Schulte and thier wonderful kids stopped by several times during the show.They are from Lolo Mt.

Our SCARY Norwegian Santa Claus didn’t seem to deter me from getting my presents.

 My Nephew,Curt, and his wife,April ,are always a treat to visit with!!!!

My three brothers and I at Christmas.I’m the youngest one.We had a great childhood!!!

I brought this drawing I did for my Mom’s 75th birthday to the show,because it was done 35 years ago.It’s of me growing up.My Mom loved this picture.

 Me in Norway, when I was 5 years old.

Mary Beth Ewan got a painting of an owl that frequents the barn at thier ranch.We could have sold this picture many times at the show.Guess it’s time to do more owl pictures!!!!!

High school days.I was very active in 4-H and FFA.

 Diane Volk got a sweet little painting of a Yellow Warbler Pair.

Tim Wylder got a great painting of Chief Mountain and a Blue Heron.Thanks Tim.

Showing sheep at the county fair in Big Timber, Mt,where I grew up.

 Will and Wendy Roehm,from Great Falls got a nice little painting of a Bluejay.

Beautiful flower arrangements from ELECTRIC CITY FLORAL in Great Falls.


Ted Griffith, from Harrison, Mt. got one of my favorite paintings in the show,depicting calving season along the Rocky Mountain Front.

 We had a FANTASTIC year at the “OUT WEST ART SHOW”.Thanks to all the great patrons and their support……..Love those RED DOTS !!!!!

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